Melbourne Part 1: MWF

Ok, so it turns out taking your iPad with you when you travel is pretty cool, except for the fact that you can’t update your blog from it (and before I get a slew of emails – I am planning on migrating to another blog server that allows iPad updatery)! So, here’s the first of my belated Melbourne trip blogs. Enjoy!

First of all, Melbourne was actually warmer than Adelaide. This flies, I’m told, in the face of all tradition, but it was still cloudy and chilly and set a great backdrop for indoor-type activities. What can I say? I love the rain!

WOW!!! What a crazy week! Quillblade hit the stores, and I hit the writers’ circuit with a couple of appearances at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. I was part of the Schools Program, and I got to meet a lot of really famous children’s authors, including Kate Forsyth and Deb Abela. I was fortunate enough to appear on a panel with Kate discussing how we create our fantasy worlds. Kate was wonderful, our audience was really enthusiastic, and our chair – Ruby Murray – kept us all in line! My favourite part was the Q&A at the end. We got some really thoughtful questions, including ‘Given that so many fantasies deal with the battle between good and evil, do you believe in the existence of good and evil?’ I couldn’t see the asker because the stage lights were in my eyes, but she couldn’t have been more than 12… 13… 14? Well, she was definitely under 16! All in all it was an amazing introduction to the public life of authors!

Next up came a debate on the relevant merits of Twilight. By popular acclaim, my team won (yay!), but it was all great fun! This was thanks in no small part to my fellow debaters: Chris Flynn, Jeff Sparrow, Bec Kavanagh, Kate Forsyth (two panels with Kate!!), and Van Badham. A very special thanks also to our host, Nikki Anderson! I don’t want to give too much away, but the debate ranged from frozen body parts to sales statistics!

On that note, I’m going to sign off!  Make sure you check out the next instalment of my Melbourne trip blog: Aussiecon 4! It will be up soon – promise!

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