Melbourne Part 2: Aussiecon 4

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Melbourne Trip Blog!

Aussiecon 4 (the 68th World Science Fiction Convention) was held in Melbourne from the 2nd-6th of September at the Melbourne Convention Centre. In addition to being the first SF Con I’ve ever spoken at, it was the first one I’d ever even been to! There were fewer costumed Conners than I was expecting, but the ones that were there were absolutely amazing! There were plenty of Jedi’s and a couple of aliens, but by far the most numerous CosPlayers were the Steampunk fans. There was a FANTASTIC assortment of ninteenth-century-inspired outfits complete with techy goggles and steam pistols. Steampunk, it seems, is the new big thing in the SF world.

I’m not going to talk about ‘The Highlight’ for me, because I had an absolute blast the entire time! When I wasn’t talking on panels or chatting with some of my favourite authors, I was listening to other writers, editors, publishers, fans, experts, etcetera, talking on their panels. For a full breakdown of what went down, head over to here:

Okay, I can’t resist mentioning a *few* highlights!

Sitting next to Michael Pryor (not only one of my favourite YA authors, but also the one responsible for organising all of the YA panels – he did a great job, too!) whilst listening to Shaun Tan (the blurry guy in the picture up above) and DM Cornish discussing their work.

Picking up a signed copy of Michael’s new book (The Laws of Magic Book 5: Moment of Truth – one of the best YA fantasy series I’ve ever read, and you should too!) and then signing a copy of Quillblade for Michael!

Listening to my good friend LL Hannet (I just call her L) speaking about whether or not SF is just for boys (of course it’s NOT!!!), but then missing her signing because I had to speak on another panel 😦

Discussing video games, heroes, the Hero’s Journey and YA fantasy (okay, so this was what I did the WHOLE time, but it was still a lot of fun!).

As I was leaving to go to the airport, I was accosted by some fans who wanted a photo with me (you know who you are!)! That was kind of amazing.

And the rest! Okay, so I could list everyone I spoke with throughout the Con, but then I’d be worried about forgetting someone (and of being accused of name-dropping)! So I’ll just drop a few names and leave it at that! I had great discussions with (amongst others, of course) George Ivanoff, Leanne Taylor and Bob Kuhn (on video games), and Ian Irvine, Karen Nikakis and Angela Rosin (on the Hero’s Journey in YA fantasy literature). For a full break down, head to the Aussiecon 4 website (see above) and the Programs page!

All in all I had just the best and most exhausting time! I got to meet with a whole bunch of extraordinary people and discuss the things that are closest to my heart. What more could you ask for?

Coming up: A blog about writing (no, seriously, it’s going to be great!).

EXTRA: Between Aussiecon 4 and MWF, I got to spend the whole morning at the Time Burton exhibition. W.O.W. That man has an absolutely FANTASTIC imagination… but I wouldn’t want to live in there!

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1 Response to Melbourne Part 2: Aussiecon 4

  1. chenoafawn says:

    Hi Ben,

    Aussiecon 4 was my first convention – ditto on the costume expectations. Some of the girls had fabulous bustiers at the Hugo ceremony.

    The organisers are to be congratulated. SF&F royalty all under the one roof.

    Every session three or four panels vied for attention. Unfortunately I don’t think I sat in on yours.

    I have noticed Quillblade’s lovely cover from afar. I shall have to pick it up next time I’m in a bookshop…


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