On WINNING, or How to win some books!

Hi Guys,

I’m so excited about the launch of Beast Child: Volume Two of the Voyages of the Flying Dragon next month that I’m giving away 6 prize packs! Each prize pack comes with a signed copy of Quillblade AND Beast Child! I’m giving 2 packs away on FaceBook, 2 away on Twitter, and 2 via an email competition – and you can enter all three (as long as you live in Australia)! Details right here:

FaceBook – Head over to FaceBook and befriend (if you haven’t already) Ben Chandler’s Author Page (here), then just find the photo of Beast Child‘s cover illustration and tag yourself in it. On the 1st of September 2011, I’ll randomly pick two names and send you a private message via FaceBook to let you know you’ve won. Then you just have to reply via FaceBook with your name and address (and the name of the person you’d like me to address it to in case you’re entering for a younger, non-FaceBook-ing friend) and I’ll pop it in the post for you!

Twitter – To enter the Twitter competition, just go and follow @DoctorBenny and then Tweet, in 140 characters or less (of course), what sort of Bestia you’d like for a pet and why. If you’d like to know more about Bestia and what they can do, head over to my website and check out the glossary (here). Don’t forget to include me (@DoctorBenny) somewhere in the Tweet so I can read all your answers. I’ll choose the two most creative uses for a pet Bestia on the 1st of September 2011, and they’ll win the prizes! Winners will be contacted on Twitter via DM.

Website & Email – The third (and final!) way to win one of the prize packs is to draw / paint / photograph (?!) / or in some creative way make a picture of a Bestia, get it onto your computer, and email it to me (ben.chandler@me.com) before the 30th of August 2011. You can choose to depict one of the Bestia from the books, or even draw your own! Make sure to include the name of the Bestia somewhere on your drawing, and I’ll choose the two most creative pictures of Bestia as the winners and contact you via email for names and addresses, etc. I may even put the winning entries up on my website for everyone to see!

And that’s it! Six prize packs, three different ways to win, two signed books! What are you waiting for?! Give it a go and spread the word! I’m really looking forward to your tweets and pickies!

Good luck!

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