The Author

Ben lives mostly in worlds of his own creation but occasionally misses the real world and comes home to Adelaide. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Flinders University, where he occasionally teaches Creative Writing and English Literature, and has published academic work on popular culture, video game narrative theory, Japanese heroism, anime & manga, and creative writing pedagogy. In 2010 he was awarded the Colin Thiele Creative Writing Scholarship from Carclew Youth Arts Board and in 2011 was awarded a grant from Arts SA to work on an YA urban fantasy novel set in Adelaide. He has been a finalist in the Channel 9 SA Young Achiever Awards twice.

Ben loves heroes, villains, comic books, and video games, and believes you can learn more from watching cartoons than you can from the news. Like all fantasy writers, Ben has a cat. His cat is named Loki. It’s possible Loki is the reincarnation of the Norse God of Mischief, but Ben hopes this is just a flight of his fancy.


Quillblade: Volume One of the Voyages of the Flying Dragon, (Random House Australia, September 2010)

Beast Child: Volume Two of the Voyages of the Flying Dragon, (Random House Australia, September 2011)

Short Fiction

“There Have Always Been Five,” The Read Book: An Anthology of South Australian Creative Writing, ed. by Tim Silk (Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 2002) 152-157.

Academic Work

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