Book 3: Ebb & Flow

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Lenis and Missy have been torn apart, but will their sacrifice lead to Ishullanu’s defeat, or have their attempts to thwart their fate merely brought the world closer to destruction?

Missy has left the Hiryū to learn the secrets of the Quillblade. Together with her enigmatic teacher, Fox, she oversees the mobilisation of Heiligland from aboard the airship Geschichte. When Demons attack the nation’s capital, Missy and her new allies are drawn south to Tien Ti, where Missy hopes to fulfil the promise she made to her brother by restoring the cracked stone he gave into her keeping. She must also uphold her bargain with Fox and locate Silili, the one Totem who might have the power to heal the Wasteland sickness, but sinister forces are also hunting the Peaceful Guardian and are closer to discovering his sanctuary than Missy could ever imagine.

Meanwhile, Lenis and the remaining crew of the Hiryū seek the second stone, but in order to wrest it from Karasu they must chase the mercenary into the vast Wastelands of Garsia, a place where Bestia power alone can’t guarantee their safety and Demons are the least of their troubles. Separated by empires, oceans, Wastelands, and battlefields, Missy and Lenis must face a terrible decision, but how can they hope to choose the right way when their only options either lead further into the chaos of war or on to an even more terrifying destiny?

The Demon War begins!