The Crew

Andrea Florona: Originally from Ellia, Andrea was abandoned in Shinzō when she missed the scheduled departure time of the airship she was flying on with her brother. She struggled to find a berth on another airship until she was approached by Shōgo no Assen Chi, who offered her the role of lookout on the Hiryū.

Arthur Knyght: Once a high-ranking Kystian noble in the KAF (King’s Airship Fleet), Arthur left Kyst for political reasons. His many years of experience commanding airships attracted the attentions of Shōgo no Assen Chi, who offered him the position of First Officer on the Hiryū.

Chō no Jinsei Hiroshi: From Shinzō. Now the cook on board the Hiryū, Hiroshi was once a renowned hero of the Divine Restoration Movement. Master of the Tantō no Subayai-ryū, he earned a reputation for savagery in battle.

Gekkō no Niji Shin: The Gekkō clan have served the Mayonaka for generations as sailors. Even after the seas were corrupted by Wastelands, the Niji family continued to ply their trade, ignoring the dangers to gain favour in the eyes of their clan and the Mayonaka. Their hard work paid off when Shin was asked to accompany Mayonaka Shishi on the Hiryū, where she will fill the post of helmswoman.

Kami Tenjin: was a great hero of the Kami clan in his youth. He once fought the mighty Raikō to a stalemate in one of the most legendary battles of recent history. He has since retired to allow younger men their chance at glory. Known throughout Shinzō as a wise scholar, he was chosen to be the Hiryū’s records keeper.

Kami no Tsunochi Namei: The Hiryū’s cabin girl.

Kenji Jackson: Of mixed Shinzōn-Puritan heritage, Kenji was one of the Puritan airship sailors who brought the Hiryū over to Shinzō. No one really knows much about him, but he never gets lost and has contacts in every port, making him a valuable navigator for the Hiryū.

Lenis Clemens: The Hiryū’s engineer.

Long Liu: Though clearly mentally unstable, the Tien Tese doctor’s medical knowledge is second to none, making him a valuable if unstable addition to the Hiryū’s crew. It is also rumoured that he traversed the Wastelands between Tien Ti and Shinzō alone and on foot.

Mayonaka Shishi: The heir to the Mayonaka clan, Shishi earned a reputation for his flippant attitude, his idle wanderings, and his martial skills. That reputation is why he was chosen as the Captain of the Hiryū.

Misericordia “Missy” Clemens: The Hiryū’s communications officer.

Yūrei no Gōshi Yami: A cursed swordsman from Shinzō, Yami has sworn himself to the Hiryū.