The Lilim

Akamusaborikū: A Demon in the service of Kujo the Berserker. Akamusaborikū was once a Lilim who devoured all of his bond-mate, allowing him to emerge fully into the physical realm. That was before he entered the Wasteland. Now he prowls the western marches near Gesshoku, seeking victims to quench his master’s love of destruction.

Bakeneko: A feline-like Lilim of Shinzō who has some sort of connection with Emperor Botanichi. It was Bakeneko who cursed the swordsman Yūrei no Gōshi Yami, implanting him with the soul of a Kystian warrior to prevent him from taking his own life. Why she did so remains a mystery.

Disma: The bond-mate of Anastasis Greygori.

Nue: The bond-mate of Lord Butin.