The Others

Alexis Greygori: Youngest and sole surviving son of Yolseph Greygori. The Crown Prince of Ost is beginning to show signs of what the Ostians refer to as the ‘Royal Disposition’, a wasting illness that only seems to afflict the male members of the Greygori family.

Anastasis Greygori: Eldest daughter of Yolseph Greygori, the King of Ost, and older brother of Crown Prince Alexis Greygori. As a daughter of the Greygori family, Anastasis cannot inherit the throne but is also apparently safe from the wasting illness that claimed her older brothers and is slowly killing her father. She is bonded to a Lilim named Disma.

Botanichi: Emperor of Shinzō. Although the Emperor is ostensibly the ruler of Shinzō, his ancestor, Emperor Kumoichi, appointed the first Warlord in the year 2585 in order to protect Shinzō from Demons. Over the years, the Shōgo Warlords have subsumed more and more of the responsibility for running the country, so that Emperor Botanichi is essentially nothing more than a spiritual figure. Although he seems content to leave most matters of state to Warlord Shōgo Ikaru, should he ever choose to exert his authority, his word is still considered as law.

Butin: Known only as Lord Butin, this mysterious figure is the Steward of Asheim. He governs the capital of Ost in the King’s place, as King Yolseph Greygori is too ill to be able to manage the everyday affairs of state. No one knows where Butin comes from, or for how long he has been Asheim’s steward. In fact, the people of Ost cannot remember a time when the grim visage of Lord Butin wasn’t looking on from behind their King’s shoulder. He is bonded to the Lilim called Nue.

Chūritsu: A Shinzōn scientist. Chūritsu was an orphan until a member of the imperial academy of Nochi recognised his intellect and adopted him. Though without a family, Chūritsu has proven himself as a world-class authority on Bestia power and the Wastelands. Though brilliant, he cares only for the furtherance of his research. His arrogance and single-mindedness have made him many enemies at the imperial academy, and it is rumoured he has no loyalty for the academy that took him in when nobody else would.

Shōgo no Akushin Karasu: Though a member of the Shōgo clan, Karasu is a mercenary who will work for whoever can afford to pay his high price. He is a brilliant strategist and swordsman, and he has a reputation for going to any lengths to finish any job he takes on.

Shōgo no Assen Chi: The Warlord’s cousin and an accomplished diplomat in her own right. She selected the crew of the Hiryū with the sole purpose of having them steal the airship. Exactly why she did so remains a mystery, but she claims to be working to support the Warlord in his duty of defending Shinzō from the Wasteland Demons.

Shōgo Ikaru: The current Warlord of Shinzō.

Yolseph Greygori: King of Ost. Yolseph is in the final stages of the wasting illness that has claimed so many male members of his family.