Airships: Airships were invented in Pure Land in 2673. Powered by Bestia Power, these magnificent flying machines were capable of soaring above the tainted Wastelands, providing people with a way to travel over the diseased lands relatively safely.

Bestia Keeper: A personal capable of communicating on some level with Bestia, who is also responsible for the care and handling of Bestia. Bestia Keepers can be broken down into two broad categories: Engineers, who are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the machinery used to harness Bestia power; and Communications Officers, who use a limited form of telepathy to pass information from one person to another via a Bestia conduit.

Bestia Power: The term used to describe the process of harnessing the elemental energies generated by Bestia.

Divine Restoration Movement: A civil war in Shinzō that began in 2835 when the Yūgure and Hajimari clans formed an alliance to overthrow the Warlord and return political power in Shinzō to the Emperor’s court in Nochi. Although hostilities were curtailed the following year when the Puritans forced Shinzō open with its airships, no official ceasefire was ever called. Though apparently stifled, the Divine Restoration Movement is far from over.

The Great War: Beginning in 2578 as a border skirmish between Ost and Garsia, the Great War spread to envelope first all of the northern kingdoms, and later drew in Tien Ti, Shinzō, the Shulong Islands, and the New World, which was later renamed Pure Land. The war ended in 2585 at the Battle of Asheim when the first Demons appeared. The great powers were forced to turn from fighting one another to battling the threat of the fast-spreading Wastelands and their Demonic inhabitants.

Wastelands: No one knows exactly what the Wastelands are. Only Demons can survive for any length of time within them. They first appeared during the Battle of Asheim and have been steadily spreading ever since. The oceans have long since become impassable Wastelands, limiting travel between the continents to airships and a few seafaring vessels piloted by those foolish enough to traverse the Demon-ravaged waters.

Year One: The first year of the current calendar. No records predate Year One, but it is generally believed that this year marked the end of some Great Conflict that nearly destroyed the world.