The World Tree

Bestia: The Puritan classification for creatures capable of autonomously generating energy in one of six elemental categories: air, water, earth, fire, darkness, and light. Independent of these elemental affinities, Bestia come in three major genera: avian Bestia, capable of independent flight; aquatic Bestia, able to live under water; and proto Bestia (or just plain ‘Bestia’), who can neither fly nor live underwater.

Caelestia: A very old name for the gods. It was applied to the first gods of the world but has long since fallen into disuse.

Demons: Mindless, savage killers that lurk within the tainted places known as Wastelands.

Jinn: The common name for the wardens of the spirit world. There are nine Jinn, and it is believed the Lilim are connected to them in some way.

Lilim: Born of the spiritual realm, a Lilim’s connection to the physical world allows it to adopt a corporeal form through a pact with a human. Once a pact is reached, the two are said to be bonded and are known as bond-mates. As a part of this symbiotic partnership, the human gains access to the Lilim’s spiritual energy and the Lilim gains part of the human’s physical existence. The pact extols a heavy price, however. The power gained by either individual is directly proportionate to what they each give up to the other. There have been documented cases of a Lilim completely ‘devouring’ a human and thus entering totally into the physical realm. Presumably, the human counterpart of such a pact would enter wholly into the spiritual realm. There is, however, no way to test such a hypothesis, and so what becomes of the hapless human at this stage is pure speculation.

Totem: The common name for the guardians of the world. There are nine Totem in all. It is theorised that the Bestia are descended from the Totem.